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Bringing the Best Flavors to your Event!

Whole Pig Roast catered for a wedding in Wisconsin

Pig & Chicken Roasts 

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our Signature,
Year-Round Whole Pig, Chicken, and Live-Coal

Charred Summer vegetables for a catering event in Wisconsin

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Succulent Meats, Tasty Sides, Pig and Chicken Roasts, Meats Grilled to Perfection.

Whole Pig Roast catered for a retirement party in Wisconsin
Whole Pig Roast catered for an outdoor wedding in Wisconsin
Whole Pig Roast catered for a graduation party in Wisconsin

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Grilling Chicken

Why Choose Us as Your Event Caterer?

MPK brings more than just delicious food to the table; we bring our commitment to excellence that transforms your event into an unforgettable experience. Our culinary expertise is complemented by a dedication to personalized service, ensuring that every detail aligns
seamlessly with your vision.

Our experience in curating memorable events, be it weddings, corporate functions, or casual events, help make us a trusted partner in turning your desired catering needs into a reality. Choose us for a catering experience that goes beyond the ordinary—where passion, precision, and culinary expertise converge to create moments that linger on the palate and in your memory. 

Let Us Cater Your Next Event

No matter if you're organizing a wedding, corporate event, block party, graduation, or small get together, we've got you covered!

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